Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Crafty Adventures

Greetings everyone!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week so far.  I'm sorry for the lack of personal posts, but I've been busy crafting away on some really fun projects through Artist Class!   I really enjoyed selecting which projects I wanted to do, and there was no pressure to have them completed by a deadline. nice!

I wanted to share a few of my creations with you.  I haven't had much experience with paper crafting, and the majority of the projects I completed involved lots of cutting and pasting.  I previously showed you my vintage-style paper garland and my Victorian faerie cone.  The next project I completed was the sweet little bouquet of flowers you see above.  I bought the wonderful vase from Goodwill for only $.79, and I pasted a very sweet bird image onto the center.  I then painted clear glitter onto the flowers on the image to give it a little extra sparkle!

The flowers were so fun to make.  I had templates to use, so I went right to work cutting out various shapes of artist cardstock and also used some nice soft pre-cut flowers that I purchased from Michael's.  I then poked a hole in the flowers with a needle and strung them onto cloth-covered floral wire and affixed each flower with a cute vintage-style button.  Oh yes, I also precut some leaves from art cardstock and glued them to the backs of each flower.  Viola!  Instant bouquet!  
My husband had a LOT of fun helping to create this very cool wind chime.  As you can see, it's made from simply silver wear and fishing line!  Again, we hit up Goodwill and rummaged all the prettiest spoons and forks with ornate floral handles.  Then my hubby got to work with his drill and strung together the chimes.  The best part of it?  They really and truly do work!  The sound is so lovely.  We had originally purchased knives, as well, but they were a bit too solid to drill through.  So, we need to go back and purchase a few more spoons so we can make another set of chimes for the yard.
This is a shabby-style collage piece that I created for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day.  Wow - this was involved!  I needed to first create an image transfer, which I had a lot of difficulty with before getting it just right (after approximately seven tries!).  I figured at that point, everything else would be a piece of cake!  Until I got to the part in the directions where I actually needed a sewing machine!  I decided to improvise, and I whipped out my needle and thread and organically pieced together the backing quilt with muslin, canvas, lace and doilies.  I stitched the photograph into place with embroidery thread, added a lovely shell pendant, and some stick-on jeweled flowers.  My husband beaded up and attached the little hanger, and there you have it.  I like the end results, but I am not sure I will venture into making one of these again!  
I had a lot of fun creating this little family nest for my sister!  It mostly involved glue, which is fine by me! And it was a fast project, which was even better!  I purchased the pre-made birds nest and bird from Michael's, added the little hanging eggs and glued bits of silk flowers and leaves.  I had some colorful feathers to line up the nest and glued a photo of my sister, her hubby and my cute little nephew right in the center.  At the end you can see the little scrabble tiles spelling out "nest."   I hope she likes it, as I think it came out really cute!

I did make a little something for my own mom, as well.  However, it became too dark to take a really nice photograph of it.  I promise I will share it with you soon.  :)  I very much enjoyed the projects offered by Artist Class, although there were some I did not get a chance to do.  Artist Class will be offering summer courses, as well.  Twelve more projects brought together from twelve different artists.  I may just sign up for them!
I also recently signed up for mixed media art classes with Suzi Blu.  I adore these classes so very much.  Suzi herself is vibrant and encouraging!  I was thrilled to discover some of my friends already signed up for Suzi's classes!   I do have an art background, which I shared with you awhile back.  But this is completely different.  I was never much one for color when I was younger.  I preferred pencil drawing.  But learning techniques with colored pencils has been more fun than I expected!   Now, please don't laugh at my fair maiden here, for she is not yet finished.  Well, her face is complete - but she is yet to have her vibrant green dress adorned and be placed onto a wonderful collaged background.  I am most hopeful that the end piece will look good.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!  I do have high hopes for her!
I saw my first butterfly of the season this week!  He's kind of hard to see among all the leaves here, and it's a bit fuzzy because I tried to enlarge it as much as I could.  He was SO beautiful.  He kept flitting about, and I was hopeful that he would land on me.  But alas, he did not.  When I was in the yard today, I spotted a swallowtail - this particular breed of butterfly truly seems to love our yard!  They come every year.  I had my camera with me, but he was way too high in the lilac bush for me to take a decent shot.
While walking the furry ones about the yard, I spotted our Iris in bloom.  Isn't she lovely?  And with this beautiful flower, I'd like to wish all Moms a very special and happy Mother's Day!  I treasure my mom so much...she's my friend and confidante.  When I am troubled, she is always there to lend an ear and offer the sage advice that moms always seem to know how to give.  She helped shape the person that I was to become.  And I treasure her so much for that!   

Til next time,


Silke said...

Dearest Theresa, a blog post of visual treats on this Saturday morning!! I love all the paper/crafty projects you have been working on. They are all different from each other and all of them beautiful! And your painting... wonderful!! Much love, Silke

AForestFrolic said...

Oh my goodness Theresa, your creations are just lovely! Love that flower bouquet and the wind chime is great! The classes sound wonderful too. Have a great weekend too!

Jamie :)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Wow Theresa, I think this post has my favorite things you have ever created in it. From the paper flowers, to the gorgeous shabby piece (LOVE IT).... and the maiden! omg! You are not only a sweetheart, but an extremely TALENTED one at that! You totally impress me! I wish I lived by you so I could craft with you, even for just one day! That woudld be so awesome!!!!!!! If you ever sell those shabby pieces or art images in your store, let us know- I'll buy them! :) love deb

Beadwright said...

Good morning. I hope this day finds you well and full of energy. I need you to send me your mailing address.... why.... because you are my April comment contest winner!!! Congratulations you win free beads.

Have a great weekend

Jo said...

Lol... I wish you lived close by too - your energy, enthusiam and passion for creating is awesome!! Such an inspiration!
Love your pieces today - just know your sister and Mum-in-law will love them. And your flowers, windchimes and pretty girlies - wonderful!
Have a sparkling weekend, sweet faerie.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goodness Theresa, you have been a very busy girl and I LOVE it all. Especially your collage, just stunning. You go girl xoxox Clarice

Linda Ledbetter said...

What a gorgeous post, Theresa! I'm glad you're having so much fun in your Artist class, and I love seeing what you're creating. It's fabulous!!! You're such a versatile artist, and it's always a treat to see your imagination take form!


Everyday Kathy said...

Wow! You really have been busy!!! I love the flowers... the chimes are very fun ... and that "family nest" makes me want to get started on one immediately!!!

And there is the matter of your painting... which is just so good!!! I am inspired and amazed by you regularly!!

Thanks for letting us know what you have been up to!!

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

Diane said...

I love coming here, Theresa. You always have so much eye candy here. I just love looking at your talent. Which class are you taking from Suzi? I thoroughly enjoy being taught by her.

Angela (Posy Moe) said...

Your blog is really beautiful! Love your latest works!

Jamie Creason said...

Always a treat to check out your blog! Love the windchime! I need one of those!! And the Iris is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing and making everyone's day just a little more awesome!


Cathy said...


I am so loving the Collage and that wind chime AWESOME. Great great creations. YOU GO GIRL. You're on a roll! Love it all.

xo Cathy

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Theresa!
I love everything you created and shared in your post today. I love your "fair maiden", too (just the way she is!)

Thank you for visiting Brynwood and leaving such a kind comment. I really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend and I'll visit again soon.

Sares said...

Iris is a beauty! You have been busy girl! Love that paper bouquet and I so want a windchime like that. I have a bag of old silverware in the shed that belonged to my Great Grandmother. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it, this just may be the ticket! Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week!

Ann said...

Oh my goodness Theresa what a fabulous post! I don't know which project I adore the most - but I could just do with that wind chime to encourage me to dig the extra veg patch I need this week! And the mothers' gifts are so pretty... and I love your painting.... its all lovely! And lastly, as ever, more thanks for your lovely comments on my little blog.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

How have I missed visiting your lovely blog? Your projects are beautifully done and so nicely photographed and written about. What a treat to visit & I will be back!

Julie Pishny said...

The nest you made for your sister is lovely - love it! Thank you for sharing it with us! Hugs - Julie

Jasmine said...

You have been so busy. Those flowers are fun. I bought a craft set for my little girl that had similar templates, only her set was no where near as pretty. I love the spoons. xJ

Chloe' said...

Hey Theresa! it sounds like you're having so much fun exploring all these new crafts! Did you find you surprised yourself with how far your crafty skill stretches? (^_^) Your paper flowers are beautiful & the wind chime is fantastic! nice recycling :o) Have fun with your classes! Looking forward to hearing about them soon!!

Chloe xx

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweet Theresa! My goodness, all your creations, (and hubby's too!) are just soooo wonderful!...Your flower bouquet is sooo pretty, and your fair maiden is just lovely!... I can just hear hubby's sweet windchime tinkling away sweet music for your backyard fairies to dance to! ... The collage for your mom-in-law is stunning and your sister's nest is just, sweet girl, are very talented in soooo many ways!...and reeeeally sweet too!!! xoxo Paulette ;)

Heather said...

you've been a busy crafter! Glad to hear you're loving your art classes. Its always nice to try new things, and you find that creativity spilling out into other parts of your life. Good luck with it!

Lisa said...

Theresa, all of the were so good, I want to go back over them and absorb more...hope you had a good Mother's Day...I'm trying to catch up! It's now Monday, am.

Kim said...

Oh Theresa, I do treasure these days when I have time to sit quietly & read your blog! What a lovely collection of creations & all so different! It's wonderful venturing into new ground creatively, and you do it beautifully - well worth the time from where we sit! I'm so glad you're learning & expanding your techniques thanks to this class, sounds like a lot of fun! Your butterfly pic is amazing, and what a gorgeous iris, thanks for sharing those as well. :) said...

My goodness you have been busy! I love the flowers, they are stunning. Also the wind chime is brilliant and different too, I love the shed in the background! Fantastically talented lady you are! suzie xxx

Maggi said...

Wow, you have been busy! These are all beautiful creations! Those wind chimes are fabulous too!

Jingle said...

Wow! I am loving these different projects!!! That vase with the paper flowers is awesome! Everything else is so amazingly wonderful, too!!!

Marie S said...

Wow, How fun. You did a great job on all the projects. How fun!
I love your girl and can hardly wait to see what see looks like finished.
Your mom did a fabulous job Theresa. I hope you had a great weekend.
I am thinking the 20th is going to be good for me!
Have a great week.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Theresa! Wow, I so enjoyed viewing all your latest crafty adventures! Your flower bouquet is beautiful and that vase is such a great deal. All your creations are filled with your magical talents! Have a wonderful week! :)

tkdesigns4u said...

Loved your crafty projects! The flowers and silverware windchimes are adorable. Looks like you had lots of fun!

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